The design of the Storage Box is a basic little locking mechanism on the out side with the inside giving a five inch by three inch by 2 5/8 inch space to store supplies and with an inch thick on the outside to provide protection. The way the lock works is it just snaps over the red extruding part on the bottom larger piece. The lid is the piece with the red square with no center and that is also the locking mechanism. The box can be used for multiple purposes but the main uses are for medical supplies and storage for tools. The box was made to not take up much space and the lock was designed to be very basic, easy to open, but makes it harder for the box to open on its own in zero gravity. The colors can be changed and, if wanted, letters can be added to the top of the lid to add labels and names to the top so it is easier to tell what is din the box or who it owns it or who's stuff in the box.

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