Loss of muscle mass and bone density is one of the largest physical issues astronauts face during space travel. With already weakened core and back muscles, maintaining good posture becomes even more difficult than on earth. My design is aimed to help improve posture and reduce back, shoulder, and neck pain. Each astronaut would be fitted with 2 shoulder caps (one on each side), which would be printed with Tango Elastomers so that they will provide some support with being rigid, allowing the astronaut to move and work comfortably. Rubber medical tubing can then be used to strap the caps under the arm (to keep them in place), twice across the back (to pull the shoulders back and straightening the spine), and once across the chest (to balance the shoulders from pulling too far back). The design is meant to be a simple way to improve posture, something that can be worn a few hours a day while working around the ship to reduce pain and stiffness.

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