The stem cell capsule is designed for holding various petri dishes. I think in the future stem cell research will be further along than now. This would be for doing experiments like trying to grow human body parts. You see in space bone and muscle depletion is going to happen. If you were to break an arm while that arm was healing a lot of the muscle would disappear and your bones would weaken a lot. So instead of having a cast which would actually make it worse you could just grow a new arm or a new bone the could possibly even be more dance than before.You can store the stem cells simply by turning the dish sideways and then moving it into the 3/4s of a circle area then turning it back upright. It also has a small plate that slides in between the little nubs of plastic and the main body. So in conclusion this would be for storing them, protecting them and to help the astronauts with bone a muscle depletion in space.Print parts separately.

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