In space you have no gravity, so your body is weak. A stethoscope is needed to make sure your heart is in good condition. The stethoscope is a medical device for listening to the internal sounds of an animal or human body. The earpieces on the device is made out of TPU plastic. There is a metal piece that connects the Y-shaped part to the earpieces. And the Y-shaped part is also made out of TPU plastic which connects to the chestpiece made of metal. Lots of modern stethoscopes have two-sided sound-detecting heads that can be heard in a high or low frequency. A stethoscope is mainly used to listen to the human lungs and heart because it needs to make sure there aren't problems that needs treatment. It is placed on the chest over the lungs, and the patient breathes in and out. The stethoscope is also used to listen to your pulse in the arm while you are having a blood pressure measurement. While in space, you should make sure you have no health problems that needs treatment immediately.

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