The A.B.E. - P.K. (Assisted Bone Erosion - Prevention Kit) is designed to exert pressure on the middle section of an astronaut's body to simulate the gravitational pull that is felt on Earth. The design uses six 3-D printable parts along with elastic tethers (3.175 mm radius) and a tension adjuster that can provide 20-30 Newtons of force (average shoulder mass times 9.81 m^2/s) downward on the astronaut's shoulder. The astronaut can adjust the measurements according to comfort. All parts can fit in the 6in.x6in.x6in. sizing cube if placed vertically. Each part can be connected to prevent it from falling off the body. The material can be chosen by the astronaut for comfort, preferably a material providing the approximate 23 N of force. Soft coating can be added to provide extra comfort. The concept of this invention is to provide flexibility, assist in the prevention of bone erosion, and do all of this in a comfortable way for extended amounts of time in space/microgravity.

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