This item is an ice pack. It is 5.892 inches long, 2.625 inches wide, and the depth is 1.084 inches. The blue part is meant to be filled with liquid that could be cooled. The blue part, where it needs to be filled, will be .11811 thick .There is a little hole so it can be filled. This is meant to be made out of a very thin plastic.This very thin plastic is going to be from plastic water bottles from the spaceship. It would be recycling, which the spaceship needs to do.Its common purpose would be used as an ice pack to relieve muscle pain ,relieve headaches, and relieve swelling. It could also be used as a heating pad to help stomach aches and muscle pains.From reading the article “Life Aboard the International Space Station” it claims that when you go to space, you will experience nausea from body fluids move to the head. From this, you will have a swollen face. That is where the ice pack would come in. Filling that ice pack with hot water, will help with the swelling of the face

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