The Design is a MED or Mobile Emergency Defibrillator This design is a battery powered device used to restart the heart in a life threatening case of arrhythmia or as doctors call it ventricular fibrillation. Ventricular fibrillation is when the heart quivers instead of pumping due to disorganized electrical activity in the ventricles. It results in cardiac arrest with loss of consciousness and no pulse. This is followed by irreversible death in the absence of treatment.If this were to happen to an astronaut it could be catastrophic. That is why I designed the MED .The MED comes with two handheld devices used to change the energy and deliver the pulse, 2 wires for charging and storage uses, and a portable charger ( can be connected with the wires) which takes two D-Cell batteries. It might be best if the MED should be made out of Strong enough material that it could take a few hits but not to where it loses its mobility. That is why I choose Photopolymer and Resin.

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