Our fingers and hands are prone to cuts and burns. I have created a set of two boxes that help with the healing of any minor or major abrasions on your fingers. You put your finger into the first chamber which is the cleaning station. You rest your finger on a sanitized piece of Ninjaflex. A steady flow of water mist with antibiotics and air are being sprayed throughout the capsule allowing any bacteria or dirt to come off. Next insert your finger into the second chamber where a layer of your own Stem Cells are sprayed on the wound in order to heal the wound. The attachments that would be needed for this product would be 3 different tubes for the different solutions. This product is good for space because the design ensures that no bacteria, blood or bodily solutions escape the box. It would be made out of PVA, PVA is Non-Toxic and biodegradable, causing high sanitation & no waste. You would 3D print a new one every time you needed it to keep the conditions as sanitary as possible.

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