Behold the revolutionary Space Medical Kit! The Space Medical Kit is a collection of 3d printable items for astronauts to use in their mission. It includes a band-aid (printed from nylon), an otoscope speculum (from ABS), a thermometer cover (from ABS), a glove (from nylon), a toothbrush with a tongue cleaner on the back and a compartment for toothpaste (from ABS, with bristles printed from nylon), and a dental pick (from ABS). I chose to include the otoscope speculum too because when astronauts are flying in space, their ear pressure changes, and it can also be used to monitor infections. I decided to use ABS and nylon as raw materials due to their recyclability. To reduce the weight in space shuttle on a 3 year mission, it would be efficient to 3d print frequently replaced items (toothbrush and dental pick) or single use items (band-aid, gloves, otoscope specula, and thermometer covers) for hygiene purposes. The supplies in this kit are vital to an astronaut’s health.

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