NASA spacesuits are incredibly detailed and secure, which makes getting in and out of them quite the task. Moreover, it is very hard for an astronaut to reach things such as a Band-Aid, lip balm, or ointment on the go. In addition, the jobs astronaut perform inside and outside of the International Space Station (ISS) are quite detailed and precise, and injury can be quite common as a result. I created an armband that holds items such as cream, ointment, Band-Aids and floss. It is made out of resin, which allows for flexibility in the band. Furthermore, the opening on the bottom of the armband makes putting it on and taking it off quite easy. There are three main storage compartments as well as a slight dip for items like bandages to be stored in. The lid allows for easy access to the inside, and the fasteners on the sides of the band are meant to be wrapped with string. This holds the lid on.

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