The medical device that I choose to make for this project is a sort of needle. It is like a shot, but it can carry multiple vaccines at once. The 3D-printing that I made only shows the needle carrying two but it demonstrates how it will work. When you need a certain shot, all you have to do is push down the button which carries the fluid. The needle will be made out of plastic, so you will be able to see how much of the vaccine is left and which one you are using. You can use this idea to save space, because you can carry multiple shots at once. For example, someone is showing signs of getting sick and to prevent you from getting sick you need to take certain vaccines. This is where the multi-shot will come in handy. I found that microorganisms may inhabit in the planet mars. Also, some believe that Ebola was the deadly virus from outer space that caused misery on earth. These vaccines may not help resolve all of the disease, but it could help with symptoms they come with.

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