My Mars Medical project is the motion prevention project aka MPP a 3D printed brace. The use of this object is to restrict all movement. To use the motion prevention project you must unroll the wrapping and put the middle of the wrapping on the joint the middle wrapping with not straight making it restrict movement better then wrap the wrapping around the injured joint. The material it is made of ninjaflex so the bandage is flexible enough to wrap around a person’s finger and if printed bigger it can wrap someone's wrist or arm. The use of this object is if someone sprang their finger they can wrap it in this bandage to stop it from moving. The problem that made me create this is that if you push off the wall or the floor to move and your finger hits something and it catches you can’t stop like you can with your feet you continue momentum until you hit a wall and stop or your finger stops you and is injured.

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