What I made can help with working out. When I did some research I found out that being in space actually weakens your bones. Astronauts have to make sure to exercise so that they stay strong. When astronauts return from space, they regain most of their bone mass in the months following their return, but not all of it. What I made can help exercise the arms to make sure you keep as much strength as possible. This will be made of flexible nylon so that it can be stretched easily and 3D printable. Somebody else made a workout band, but I just wanted to upgrade and touch it up to make it better. The way I made it better is both ends of the coil have easily graspable spheres attached and the middle can easily stretch since it is coil form. It will not take up much room and is very simple. All you have to do to use it it hold onto the ends and pull outward to exercise the arms. My device can hopefully be useful for the astronauts going to Mars. That is the workout band!

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