The manual massager will relieve sore muscles, stimulate blood flow, can treat muscle dysfunction, and relax the user. This massager is made out of PLA plastic, nylon, and polyamide. This massager is in the shape of a candy cane with 4 handles on the sides which are all strategically placed so that you can massage in different ways or angles. It prints in 4 different pieces. The length of each piece in the straight line is 69 mm and is 16 mm wide.It is 8.17 mm tall. The length of the curve is 108.51 mm and the width is 67mm. It is 8.17 mm tall. The curve has a small ball on the end to make the massaging more comfortable. Segment one of the straight line has a cylinder (the length of each cylinder is 5.47 mm and is 6.38 mm wide.It is 2 mm tall.) coming out of it, which connects it to the half-donut slice. Segment two is a copied version of segment one. Segment three has the cylinder coming out of it but does not have a whole at the end, but instead a small ball.

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