My device for the Mars Medical project is going to be goggles, but they are a special type of goggles. They are going to help protect the astronauts eyes from any extra radiation there might be in space. The goggles are going to be made out of a plastic frame, rubber straps to go around your head, the lens are going to be made of polycarbonate which is a material that is used for glasses, or goggles for swimming, it is used in bulletproof glass. Polycarbonate can be combined with flame retardant to be made into another object. I picked a plastic frame because it won’t break as easily and it will be tighter, i picked rubber straps because i wanted it to be similar to swimming goggles, it would have a strap in the back like a belt. The lens are going to be Polycarbonate because that is a typical material that is used in goggles, glasses, DVDs, bulletproof glass, etc and it is a safe material.

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