For most people, staying healthy is about a fitness routine or eating fresh, natural food on a regular basis, but for astronauts the lack of gravity and atmospheric oxygen in space greatly cripples the ability to maintain a stable medical and health routine. The Fresh Flask is a simply designed snap fit container that is meant to encapsulate all kinds of health necessities from supplements, to soap, to toothpaste. The easily removed but snug cap prevents air or foreign contaminants to enter the storage unit and the sleek design allows for easy handling and avoid any scratches from rough plastic edges. The small 3 x 1.5 inch radius allows for four to be printed at a time while still having the storage capacity to fit small items and hygiene related substances. As a final feature, the bottle has four indents where neodymium magnets, unable to be printed, can be inserted to allow the bottles to stick together for compact and modular storage. The Fresh Flask: smart, simple space storage.

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