The dental mirror floss will help astronauts in space because it will help them keep their teeth clean. This object that I have created is a stick with a sharp end which will help instead of using floss. Also it can scrape the stuff off your teeth so they will look clean. Along with this is another mirror object. This is a stick with a round mirror at the end. This will help them look at the top of their teeth to see if there is any bad stuff in there. The sharp rod is made of metal so it can be hard which will will help scrape it off. If it was made of rubber it would just be to bendable to use. The stick part of the mirror will be rubber so they can move it around there mouth. The bottom part where the round mirror lies will be made up of plastic so it will remain on there and will not move around too much. Using toothpaste is not necessary because you will be taking out all the germs and stuff without toothpaste. The toothpaste will also float around in space.

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