My product is a toothbrush combined with a tool on the end to help pick food out of your teeth. I call this product the Handy Tooth. This will make life better for astronauts because if they run out of disposable tooth floss or toothpicks, they will have a reusable toothpick that can be washed. It is also pocket sized and will be easy to use any where. Also, there will be nylon bristles and the toothpick will be made of plastic. Parts of the tooth brush may also be made out of ninjaflex for a better grip while brushing your teeth. This Handy Tooth will help prevent gum disease while keeping astronauts teeth healthy. As astronauts bones and teeth get weaker and less dense in space, they need a quick and easy way to try and prevent more weakening of the teeth. Finally, the Handy Tooth is more efficient and cost effective than having a separate toothpick and toothbrush because now they won’t have to bring an excess amount of toothpicks on board the space shuttle.

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