On Earth, when you have an injured knee, you wear a knee brace to protect it. Well, my design will help you with your knee problems while you are working in space. My knee brace has hinges attached to the sides to help keep your knees working properly, this insures extra protection while using my brace. The hinges move with the bend of your knee, acting like a joint in your knee that is connected together by one 2 dimensional shaped oval, held together by two pins. One way that you can use the knee brace in space, is when you are bouncing off the walls of the space station (and you have an issue with your knee), wearing my brace will keep your knee protected. My knee brace is compatible with either leg, so it should work all of the time. I hope that my knee brace will give you all of the needs that it supplies. My brace will bring much protection and satisfaction as any other brace should. Also, my knee brace is a model of what the actual brace should look like.

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