In space there are problems they face involving oxygen tanks, an oxygen compressor could help. An oxygen compressor is a medical device used to deliver air. Oxygen compressors filter in air and purify it. It is compatible with an oxygen tank. The oxygen compressor is a cube-like shape. It has a hole on the top right hand corner in the front. On the left side it has slits which is where the oxygen goes through to get into the machine. The oxygen travels through a cylinder and goes up into a small box with two holes for air. The air then goes through those two holes into another two cylinders. After that the oxygen travels through the cylinders into another one which leads to the hole at the top. The oxygen gets hooked up into an oxygen tank. Since the astronauts already have oxygen tanks they can easily hook it up. They can hook is up by connecting the 3 slits on the side to their oxygen tank. An oxygen compressor can be convenient if an astronaut is having trouble breathing.

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