As you can imagine, Astronauts often have many health issues in Space.  My idea will help identify their diseases and help cure them.  My solution is a special medical robot that has a customizable face (depending on the gender) to make he or she feel comfortable during testing.  It also will be equipped with a vending machine type design in the body to disperse medicine every day, at the exact time, depending on what the Astronaut needs. Now you may be asking how will it diagnose the diseases.  On the side of the body, it will have blood testers to test blood to see if anything is wrong.  These arms will not only take blood tests but can also administer the patient’s shots.  This robot is also equipped with a powered suction cup to better stabilize it in zero gravity.  It will also be equipped with a full body scanner at the top to see if there is anything physically is wrong with the Astronaut.

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