For this challenge I made a “foot cover”. This is an object that goes over the top of the astronauts foot and is strapped on by two straps one on either end. I made this because I have heard of the astronaut Scott Kelly and what had happened to his feet where it made the tops of his feet feel like “alligator skin” as he says. I found out that this happens because there is no gravity in space so they therefore don't walk on the ground, so all of the calluses fall of of your feet. In order to get around you put your feel it loops or rope and the rope irritated their skin and made it feel like alligator skin. After a few days of getting around like this it was making it so it was painful to move around. My piece will help because it will act as a shell over the foot so the foot will stay soft and won't be painful to walk around in space. The material that I will use to print this is ninja flex so that it will move more with the foot.

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