The product i have came up with is the “cauterizing / freezing gun”. It's about 4 inches long and is made from aluminum. It's small so this product can be stored very easily. The cauterizing gun weighs roughly 3-4 lbs. Since its only releasing gas and liquid, it would not need cleaned very often. It is refillable and is fully equipped with heat shield so you can not intentionally burn yourself. This product is fueled by propane and liquid nitrogen, which is stored in two separate chambers in the handle. Since the cauterizing gun is made of aluminum it won't rust and has a high melting point of 1221 degrees Fahrenheit or 661 degrees Celsius. 3D printing is slow but accurate.This would be one of the first things we would print in space. This design could also be used in other fields including space. The military and medical field in general can use this to instantly seal wounds or other problems.

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