Why wouldn’t astronauts need stimulator pads on Mars? The best device that an astronaut needs to bring is an electrotherapy stimulator and it’s pads. Most specifically the pads themselves. The pads are very important to physical therapists all around the country, so why not pick this to submit. The pads can be made out of foam, which is 3-D printable. This device is a one of a kind and has not been submitted in this challenge. So, what exactly are these pads, well they are 2 pads that can be in two different forms of a circle and/ or a square which can be tabbed onto the actual stimulator. The stimulator is what heals most of or all of the pain. Although the pads are very small and thin, they are used to stop the nausea and stomach pains an astronaut will receive while they’re on their trip to Mars. So basically, these pads are the healing part of the stimulator. After conducting research, this device isn’t on Mars nor was it in the gallery. Stimulators and their pads, who needs ‘em?

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