The 3-Finger SpaceBrace is a type of brace designed for space travel if one jams or breaks one, two, or three fingers. It will be made from silicon nitride, because silicon is very prevalent in the soil or Mars. In such an event, one can simply slide the brace over the space glove rather than having to take it off, making it a perfect medical object to put on while outside on the surface of Mars. The 3-Finger SpaceBrace can also provide additional stability to the astronaut’s hand, enabling a faster healing process. Moreover, while it is wide enough to provide stability, it is not too wide to cause discomfort on the astronaut’s hand. It also does not have any sharp edges in the finger slots, so the fingers, while stable, can be also comfortable. The finger slots are wide enough for the fingers to easily fit through and be easily removable. However, it is also narrow enough to immobilize the finger to ensure faster healing time.

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