The Arm-Mounted First Aid Kit (A.M.F.A.K) is designed to slide onto the forearm using the elastic-filament arm band. The case is 3 inch tall, 4 inch wide, and 5.5 inch long and is made of the standard plastic PLA filament. It has storage compartment that can hold 1 to 7 printed linen-filament pads, as well as a printed PLA needle. The lid is a press fit, and can easily be removed. Along the side are three spaces to hold tools. The first of the three is a small bladed incising knife for emergency surgery. Next is the syringe, it can be used for taking blood samples or giving medicine such as Insulin. The final tool is a pair of tweezers that can be used for small tasks. I thought that this design would be beneficial, as it is compact and is easily carried on an individual, as well as having needed tools for medical service. The design also makes it easy to quickly access the individual pieces of equipment. Overall, the A.M.F.A.K is a simple design made to assist in portable first aid.

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