In space, astronauts feel the effect of weightlessness on their bodies. Some things that can happen include: blood rushing to your head, back pain, depression, and decline in mood and health. An acupressure mat is a therapeutic object that can help with all of those things, and more. It has many spikes spaced throughout, so it can be used like the concept of acupuncture. It can help your blood circulate when you step on it for periods of time. If you lay on it, it helps with pain, such as back pain. Since it taps into your nervous system, it can promote healing and ward off sickness, plus make you feel happier. To make it longer, take two 6 in. boards and place them next to each other to fit the body part you will be using it with. When sitting down you can step on it, or lean on it if you put it onto the back of your chair. The plastic that should be used for this is ABS, the kind of plastic used for some toys. It is durable, and you can recycle the plastic when it breaks.

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