The Pocket Microscope is a hand-held microscope useful on the journey to Mars and for life there. It has a 2 mm embedded resin ball that acts as a lens. This design would be printed on a multi-material SLA printer with slightly flexible resin and clear resin for the lens. My design would be used to study samples of body cells, bacteria and for checking microbial air and surface samples. When on Mars, this microscope could be used for examining possible microbial life, samples, and monitoring health. To use, you insert the slide into the holder on the bottom and use the tabs to move the lens platform in the x and y axis tracks. To focus, you push inward on the treaded tabs to move the lens closer to the slide. To move the lens farther away, push on the edges of the tabs, and hold it up to the light to see clearer. The Pocket Microscope provides easy access to a view of the microscopic world to analyze body health and maintain a healthy environment.

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