In space, checking your blood pressure is a major/primary medical issue. Yet, there is not a machine to check your blood pressure. So, the invention of blood pressure cuff was created to check your Systolic, Diastolic and pulse. The overview look of the machine is that the cuff is black and is very durable/stretchy, the tube is a dark grey and very thick, the machine is white and small and the reading box is glossy green. The energy source is made out of carbon fiber. Scientists have conducted an experiment to see whether a 100% carbon fiber solar cell is possible and it worked. So, the idea for the energy source is based off that experiment. The materials chosen for the machine and tube is corn-based plastic because the material is durable and is cheap to use and environmentally friendly. The cuff is made out of poly stretch because the material is stretchy to fit any arm. The invention is small, so it's space efficient and can be stored into their medical kit/cabinet.

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