A helpful, 3D printable object in space would be a humidifier. The small humidifier I designed is used to convert water from a bottle into moisture for the air. This would make the air more breathable and comfortable in the spacecraft. This humidifier is made of Polyamide filament. This plastic will hold up well while in use. The materials my humidifier needs after it’s printed is just a bottle of water! To use this device, you screw the bottle cap onto the cylinder part at the top so the water can flow into the machine as it’s running. The humidifier uses a fan to pull air into the device and across a water-saturated wick filter so it can absorb moisture. This moisture is then pushed out of the machine in the form of an invisible mist. A humidifier is useful to multiple people at a time. This design would only take up a small amount of space so the astronauts can easily obtain their important equipment. A humidifier would be an ideal item to bring into space for better air quality!

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