I watched a video “How to Brush Your Teeth in Space” by astronaut Chris Handfield and it gave me an idea of removing fluids on the space station. I created a device that “pumps out” unnecessary liquid or mucus from inside the body. It intends to dispose rather than swallow the used tooth paste by astronauts. One of the biggest problems in space is clogging that occurs inside the nose, and causes constant coughing. This simple device may resolve this issue as well. The device consists of a simple cylinder and a piston controlled by a round handle. Then inside you can put a polymer cartridge to absorb fluid. Also it could be a ring that connects different parts according to their needs, like mouth or nasal pieces. A piston creates pressure that will pump out unnecessary liquid, mucus or blood into small disposable containers located inside the contraption. This invention is called Sucto and it may help astronauts flying to mars to have a safer and not "cloggier" journey.

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