The "bandage" is used as a temporary place holder for minor holes in the exterior. The bandage will be made out of kevlar, a very strong material, enough to withstand bullets. The included syringe will include a fluid to hold the bandage in place. Although big piles of debris might seem more dangerous, it is the tiny stones and trash that can deal a lot of damage. Aircraft can reguide themselves of debris but tinier bits are harder to see. For the moments where the exterior is penetrated, an astronaut can go and physically repair the ship. This is not permanent though for it is just a place holder to make sure the ship doesn't have any holes or cracks in it. This should be 3D-printed because welding and fixing metal takes a while. This bandage could be a good place holder until more time is given. Of course, it doesn't have to be kevlar. It could be some other material like graphine.

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