My product is the MC implant. It is an implant that can be 3D printed and placed under the arm to stop menstrual cycles. The two options now are to take pills or the implant. The pills have to be taken at the same time everyday. The issue with that is Mars 38 extra minutes added to a day. Also, 1100 pills are needed for a trip to Mars and that is a large amount of packaging. The implant is the best option but only about 2-3 years. The trip to Mars is going to be 3 years. If the implant stops working or if it gets damaged, a new implant can be printed. The implant is made from a biodegradable polymer containing a delayed release version of progestin inside the implant. I choose this material because it releases hormones at a slower rate than plastic does. Progestin is released at slower pace but it will still be able stop menstrual cycles. As a result, the implant will last longer than 3 years. The shape is a square, allowing it to have more surface area than the current design.

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