The Astronomical Hydration Device is basically a sippy cup that can be used in outer space. It would be useful on the the Mars Mission because it’s a device to maintain liquids in your body. It is necessary to bring the Astronomical Hydration Device because liquids in a normal bottle will be difficult to consume due to anti-gravitational forces, but this will only bring out liquid when you suck on the spout. The Astronomical Hydration Device is a Nylon-Plastic cylinder that can be reused multiple times, which you fill up with water or any other needed liquids. It also includes a spout that you tie onto the cylinder which will be printed separately, this is used to drink out of the cup and keep minimal water from pouring out. It could also be used to keep count of the amount of liquid you drank so you could be sure to preserve the 64 ounces each day. The Astronomical Hydration Device could be completely 3D-printed at Mars and it will prove to be a useful medical device indeed.

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