I made an otoscope. An otoscope is a medical device that is used for looking into your ears. My design will be made out of photopolymer, which is a clear and durable material. You can save a photopolymer design but is also disposable. A normal otoscope cost $39.92 but a 3D printed otoscope made from photopolymer would cost a lot less to make and produce. Otoscopes can be useful because being able to see inside your ear can prevent ear infections before they happen. Many people each day get ear infections. If you catch them early you will be able to prevent it. Ear infections are caused by bacteria and viruses. If not caught or treated ear infections can get really bad and cause illness and disease. When ear infections bad they can stop air from getting to the center of your ear and that can cause loss of hearing or damage the eardrum. Otoscopes are an important part of a regular check-up which you can’t get in space. That is why an otoscope would be useful for a mission to mars.

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