Have you ever gotten something painful stuck inside of your body? Due to 3D printer, you can now 3D print tweezers to help you cure your wound. It is important to cure any injury before it is able to go to a further aspect and become more serious. For example, if you get a splinter in your hand, you would need to remove it immediately, and you can do so with tweezers. They are made of metal and allow you to do many things with them. The best material to can be used to make tweezers is Titanium (a sort of metal) and is 3D printable because in order to be 100% printable, it has to be made of metal or plastic. Another use for tweezers are so that you could pick up smaller objects more easily. If you are in a micro gravity area and you are trying to make sure something small doesn’t fly away, you could hold it with tweezers. Tweezers are somewhat small, are a hand held tool, and can pinch together. There are two parallel sides that connect together and are able to be any color.

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