Plants are a natural way to improve air quality and the overall health of an astronaut in space. Bringing plants along on the long journey to mars is a way to promote a healthy lifestyle in space. My design includes six separate pots in order to plant six different plants. It made out of ABS plastic in a stylish blue color that will keep the spaceship festive. Through my research I was able to find six specific plants that could cater to the astronauts needs. Astronauts would not experience night and day like they did on earth which is why Jasmine would be a beneficial plant bas it promotes sleep quality. Chamomile and Aloe can be used as a topical to soothe skin irritation, burns, scrapes, and cuts. Echinacea strengthens the immune system and would keep the astronauts strong and healthy. Thyme can ease pain and reduce swelling and witch hazel can reduce swelling and relieve body aches and pains.

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