The two way toothbrush is a device that is used to brush your teeth and floss without taking up too much space. With floss and a toothbrush astronauts can take care of their teeth in space. Your toothbrush will be made of nylon. The floss is carried in a container on the side of it. Since the floss is refillable, astronauts need to replace the floss when it runs out. You use it as a normal brush, twice a day and use toothpaste. Then you floss with the refillable floss side of the two way toothbrush. You will throw the floss you used out and refill it when you use it next. Studies show that landing with bad teeth is extremely painful and extracting a tooth in space is the last resort. Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3 months, so they can’t take their own brushes from home. Dental care is very important with space travel and is necessary so use this efficient tool when you go to space! Use this tool and astronauts will have a less painful landing and a great trip!

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