The C.D.A.X.(Cancer detecting/x ray) Gun would help astronauts Detect where a broken bone is, any internal damage, and an increase in radiation, It has a separate screen for maintaining the data easier. It could be of great value to the astronauts since they already need to maintain their bones mass, My gun could Signal them when they have a decrease in bone mass, or an increase in radiation from the sun.The x-ray part would take an image of the place they scan and bring it over to the Screen that goes with it. If there is a problem that my gun cannot fix, then you can reprogram it to do what you need it to do. Unfortunately it cannot be recycled to make a new one, and the parts would not need to be reprinted. You would need to put the gun together after printing the pieces, The screen could either be printed out, or brought up, It is basically an iPad with the correct programming to the gun.It would need future technology to work properly.I believe there is no other invention like it.

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