Alanine is an amino acid that is part of most proteins. It mainly helps the body convert the sugar glucose into energy and keeps the liver free of toxins. With this, it protects the cells after workouts and uses it’s protein to provide energy for the body. It also plays a major part in keeping the body’s nitrogen and glucose level steady. It has a chemical formula of C3H7NO2. This means that it is composed of 3 Carbon atoms, 7 Hydrogen atoms, 1 Nitrogen atom, and 2 Oxygen atoms. These pure elements are generally very stable elements, making them great for such an important compound. It is commonly found in pills/powder and is part of medicine that may help people steady their glucose levels. Alanine in medicine can also be used to help with problems in the liver. It is abbreviated as Ala and has an appearance of a white powder. It's already bland color is great for powders that are used to lower the rate of fatigue and increases stamina. Tons of people use Alanine powders for this reason, making gym workouts a breeze. It also strengthens the immune system and helps in the metabolism of sugars and acids. It has a density of only 1.424 g/cm cubed, and becomes soluble in water at about 167.2 g/l. It melts at 258 degrees celsius and has a molar mass of 89.094 g.mol. Although it is great for increased stamina and tons of other ways, it is not essential for the human body. It’s traits are a great help to the human body, especially when it comes to providing stamina.

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