Ytterbium hydroxide has a few different everyday uses. First of all, it is used in fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cables are used for high-performing data and telecommunications. They contain strands of glass fiber in the cables. Fiber optic cables can transmit data over long distances. Cable companies use fiber optic cables for many different things. They use it for HDTV, video on-demand, internet, lighting, and more. Another use for it is porcelain enamel glaze. It is an opaque, glassy coat that is baked on to porcelain to make it shine. The porcelain glaze can be used for pottery as well. Since ytterbium, by itself, creates a shiny luster, it helps make the porcelain and pottery glaze shinier, even with the hydrogen and oxygen. It is also used in garnet crystals for lasers. Ytterbium hydroxide makes the lasers brighter than they would be without it. This compound is also used in optical fiber amplifier technologies. They help make sure a long-distance signal stays strong. It makes sure the signal does not become any weaker, but that certain technologies are able to be used without any problem. It is used for a special coloring in glass.In addition, ytterbium hydroxide has a density of 6.973 grams per cubic centimeters. It’s melting point is 1,506 degrees Fahrenheit. The boiling point is 2,185 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a white powder. At room temperature, ytterbium hydroxide is a solid. The molecular weight is 224.05. It is soluble in acid but insoluble.

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