Carbamide formula is CO(NH2)2. The C is the element symbol for Carbon, in the element Carbamide it has one atom. The O is the element symbol for Oxygen, in the element Carbamide it has one atom. The N is the element symbol for Nitrogen, and has two atoms in the element Carbamide. Lastly the H is the element symbol for Hydrogen and has four atoms in the compound Carbamide. Carbamide is in a lot of things that we use on an everyday bases. Carbamide is a solid component of mammalian urine that comes from ammonia and carbon dioxide. It is used in fertilizer, animal feed, and plastics. This fertilizer is all natural and uses no chemicals. The animal feed is a healthy alternative for all of the unnatural chemicals that are put into foods. Another thing it is used in is it’s in some nail and skin lotions and healers. Carbamide has a density of 1.33 g/cm3. It is also a light brown or light yellow. At room temperature it is about 20 degrees celsius. Urea’s melting point is about 133 degrees celsius. Urea is soluble in water. Carbamide can also be used as a teeth whitener and is sometimes invisible. Urea is also odorless. The structure has one black carbon atom in the middle and branches out into two blue nitrogen atoms. Off those blue atoms are each two white Hydrogen atoms. Above the black Carbon atom is one red Oxygen atom. To conclude, Urea or Carbamide is found all over and has many great uses in our world today.

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