Potassium salt! Otherwise known as the much more memorable name of sodium dichloroisocyanurate! What is this tongue-twister of a compound all about? Sodium dichloroisocyanurate is a white granular powder consisting of five elements: three carbon atoms, two chlorine atoms, three nitrogen atoms, a sodium atom, and three oxygen atoms that add up to a total of twelve atoms. Its chemical composition is C3Cl2N3NaO3. Is it even useful by any means? Why, of course it is! This compound can be used as disinfectant for industrialized water production, bottled water, milk, and swimming pools. Water with humid conditions can attract bacteria. The harmful bacteria inside water can be removed from the water to allow us to drink without a slight worry. Not only can this somewhat magical compound disinfect water, but it can also prevent infection/disinfect livestock, chicken, even in industrialized fish breeding! However, sodium dichloroisocyanurate may be very harmful if not handled properly. The compound has a strong odor of chlorine. Also, this compound is to the body. Potassium salt will cause internal bleeding in the stomach when ingested as well as burns in the mouth and stomach. Thinking of even getting close to it? Think again. Sodium dichloroisocyanurate critically irritates eyes d skin. Overall, this tongue twister can be extremely dangers as well as potentially lethal. However, if used correctly, potassium salt can contribute to society as a whole!

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