Methionine is one of the most essential compounds! Its chemical formula is C₅H₁₁NO₂S. The compound appears as a white crystalline powder much like sugar. The density of Methionine is 1.340 grams per cubic centimeter. At room temperature, it is a solid; Methionine’s melting point is 281 degrees Celsius. The compound is soluble in water making it easy to drink in supplements. The molar mass of it is about 149.21 grams per molecule. This makes it over eight times heavier than water. It has a sulfurous taste similar to that of eggs. The compound is very relevant in the real world for tons of reasons. First, it is an amino acid, a building block of the human body important in making proteins. Without Methionine, life would be difficult as people would not have all the nutrients needed to thrive. Most do not know that it can be found in meat, fish, and dairy products. The compound is often eaten so the body doesn’t have to worry about its sources. However, Methionine can be taken in addition supplements as well. It can be taken in a pill form to help cope with liver problems and viruses. Also, Methionine is used in the medical world. It is proven to effectively reverse the effects of poisoning from the pain killer Tylenol. It may also be linked to lower risks of breast cancer and birth defects. The lack of the important amino acid lead to premature greying of hair. Clearly, Methionine is an extremely important compound with interesting properties making it useful in everyday life.

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