Imagine walking in your laundry room and pouring a little bit of oxi-clean. This detergent makes your close clean but do you know what's in it? Well if you look closely you will see that one of the ingredients is sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid is a substance that we interact with everyday. In sulfuric acid you have two hydrogen atoms, one sulfur atom, and four oxygen atoms. This makes the chemical formula H2SO4. The sulfur atom is right in the middle. You have one of the oxygen atoms connected right above it. Then you have another oxygen atom to the right of the sulfur atom. The two other oxygen atoms are on the left of the sulfur atom, but one is farther away or behind the first one. One of the hydrogen atoms is connected to the oxygen atom above the sulfur atom. The last hydrogen atom is connected to the oxygen atom to the right of the sulfur atom. Sulfuric acid has a density of 1.84 g/mL. The Boiling Point of sulfuric acid is 337℃. The Melting Point of sulfuric acid is 10℃. Sulfuric acid is a slight yellow, viscous liquid with a pungent smell. Some of the other uses of sulfuric acid is it is used in paints and pigments, fertilizers, and in plastics. If a bedroom needs a better paint job and you start painting there should be sulfuric acid in the paint. When gardeners go to your house and you see a green barrel shooting out white pellets. That is fertilizer and there is sulfuric acid in there.

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