Cobalt has many uses in the home, medical field, electronics industry, and engineering. One special use of cobalt is in batteries for many different types of electronic equipment. These are called Lithium batteries for short, and are in almost all modern laptop computers. They are also used in power tools (such as electric power drills) model cars and airplanes, quick charge cell phones and wireless phones, Point of View cameras (which are often mounted on moving cars and airplanes), flashlights, portable fans, and electronic toys. Cobalt is a key ingredient in Cobalt Lithium Manganese Nickel Oxide, which is one of the types of Lithium batteries. This molecule was created in 2012, which is why it is only recently being used in batteries. Since its creation, it has become one of the leading types of Lithium batteries in electronics. The molecular composition of this compound is CoLiMnNiO2. The energy density (the amount of energy stored in it) of batteries using this molecule are less than other types of Lithium Ion batteries.However, the main reasons why this molecule is used in laptop batteries, and other items that are used in homes are that the batteries have longer lives than other Lithium Ion batteries, and are less likely to catch on fire. Other properties of Cobalt Lithium Manganese Nickel Oxide is that its appearance is a black powder; its melting point is less than 290 degrees celsius, and is highly thermally stable (which means it is stable at high temperatures.)

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