Zinc acetate is very useful and is in many objects. It also contains carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. The colors include grey, red, white, and black. The molecule is connected by orange bonds that keep everything in the molecule held together. It is on multiple planes that extend upwards. Everything is grouped together and multi colored. One of the household items that it is in is a vitamin to treat for zinc deficiency which could help someone. One version of it that is sold is called Nature's Bounty. Another household item that holds Zinc acetate is in is a pharmaceutical drug. It is used as a medicine to treat liver issues when all other treatments fail. It is also used in lotion which happens to be a household object. The lotion is an anti itch ointment that can stop an itch. It has characteristic properties that are generic, but also has some that are unique. It also has many forms which includes being crushed down to make other smaller pieces of zinc acetate since it is always a solid. Its characteristic properties are: it is white, can be formed to create a powdery substance by being crushed into tiny crystals, it can be formed in a way to make blocks, it is opaque, and it can be large or small. Its density is 1.735 grams and its solubility in water is 43 g or 100 ml. Lastly at its melting point and boiling point it evaporates or decomposes or is evaporated or decomposed by the time it reaches that point.

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