All around the world products are made everyday. Some products are made out of cheap materials (plastic) and other are like metal and expensive. Well Titanium is one of these metals, and Titanium can be very expensive sometimes, it depends. Titanium is used everyday of the week Monday through Sunday. Titanium is used everyday because it’s strong, reliable, and light. Titanium can be used to make parts, to make accessories, weld things, put bones together, even put a car together, and etc. Most companies use titanium and aluminium to make their products, that their going to end up try to sell. Titanium is an element, so you can put Titanium and how many other elements together to make a compound of the same type. Titanium Nitrate is one example of a compound Titanium Nitrate is a medal and is used in a everyday to day bases. Titanium Nitrate has seventeen atoms, one Titanium, four Nitrate, and twelve Oxygen. Titanium Nitrate is used in a everyday life. Titanium Nitrate is a Titanium Nitrate is a gas tunnel like plasma. Also, a bright, decorative gold-coating often used to give titanium, carbide, aluminium, and steel a better surface properties. Titanium Nitrate makes a part that a business or individual is going to sell look way better and going to make it look like gold.

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