Palladium(ii) acetate: a compound used in the medical field. Used to find and treat allergies efficiently. This is common for many reasons. First, they use it to find allergies. This is used everyday because people need to find their allergies. If an allergen is not found it can possibly kill someone. So people would use this device to find them so they can avoid these types of the scenarios. Next, people need to treat them. If not treated allergies can potentially kill someone. So palladium(ii) acetate is used to help treat them efficiently. For example if someone was allergic to bees and started to go into shock people can’t just treat them without any evidence of them being allergic. This test could prove they weren't just having a seizure or another medical emergency. So they can treat the problem efficiently and correctly. So this could help save lives in the long run. Also, it is used to isomerize other elements. Finally, you can use the palladium(ii) acetate is a catalyst. Also known as something used for organic reactions. The chemical is made up of 1 palladium molecule, 4 carbon, 4 oxygen, and 6 hydrogen, so it's not a very big molecule. In summary the catalyst palladium(ii) acetate help many things in everyday lives. They help people find, treat, and identify allergies, and allergic.

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