The sweetest molecule anyone can come across must be sugar! Sugar is essential for life on earth and can be found in nearly all food sources. The white stuff we use to sweeten our food and beverages everyday is sucrose, a molecule composed of 12 atoms of carbon, 22 atoms of hydrogen, and 11 atoms of oxygen (C12,H22,O11). Like all compounds made from these 3 elements, sugar is a carbohydrate. Sucrose, or table sugar, is an organic compound consisting of colorless sweet tasting crystals that dissolve in water. Sugars are the photosynthesis products of plant chlorophyll combining energy from the sun, water, and carbon dioxide. All plant matter on earth is derived from sugars. Although consuming too much sugar puts you at an increased risk of health problems, sugar can also be beneficial. Sugars are an important source of energy and have a positive impact on brain health and function.

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